Applications for CD's

CD's are GREEN and they Help the environment stay green...CD's can hold from 1 to 40,000 pages of information for $1.05(s) at 1000 pcs.

Perfect for any Staged Event –
Auto Racing,
Theatre, Comedy Clubs, Concerts

We've custom programmed and made CD's for insurance companies and their individual agents, annual reports on CD, parts catalogs for auto stores, invitations to numerous different events including trade shows, seed company demos on how to plant their products, college applications, x-rays/mri's on CD-R's and thousands of other applications. Basically anything a piece of paper can do, CD's can as well, but better! CD's can contain moving graphics, video, music, a full multi-media experience.

CD's are also green and help the environment stay green. No trees are used and remember, 40,000 pages of information can fit on just one CD!


CD's also reorder and reorder and reorder.



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