CDsalesnow can completely program your CD’s with any type of visual, audio or graphical message.

CD Programming/Authoring/Web Site Development is based on a per project basis. We quote each job individually. Our pricing is very competitive which enables our Distributors to work on standard markups.

Supplier CD Catalogs

CDsalesnow is the Largest Supplier of CD Catalogs to the Promotional Products Industry. We have created CD catalogs for many Promotional Products Suppliers and Distributors. We have made CD catalogs for Charles River Apparel, Maple Ridge Farms, Points of Light, Marathon Prestige and hundreds of other top notch Suppliers.

Additionally, we have worked on other major projects with the all of the Top 40 Suppliers and nearly all of the Top 40 Distributors.

Distributor CD Business Cards & Catalogs

CDsalesnow is the industry leader in providing CD products for Distributors — regardless of the Distributor's sales volume, size or number of employees. We have quite a few featured products for Distributors to use as sales tools.

Distributors can promote their company using Business Card CD's at an extremely affordable rate. You'd be surprised to learn that CD's in general are now price competitive with paper style catalogs. Wouldn't you, as a Distributor, rather walk in with a CD Business Card that will distinguish you from your competition?

We offer an extremely discounted price on all of our CD-based products for Distributors. Its extremely attractive price enables Distributors to employ it at virtually all levels and CD’s mail for a single First Class stamp.

We've made CD's and Business Card CD programs for Geiger Bros., Kaeser & Blair, The Vernon Company, Target Promotions and hundreds of todays computer environment why wait any longer? Employ CD's to promote your business!

DVD Authoring

Virtually any program created on CD can be employed on DVD. Our programming staff is equipped with the latest equipment to convert your communication. Use DVD’s for programs requiring over 650Mb’s in capacity.

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